Overcoming Lust

28 But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Matthew 5:28 (NLT)

As I have promised I shall reveal the correct way of overcoming lust. In my previous article, I have explained that lust is bad. If you continue to entertain lust in your mind, your prosperity will be at stake. Therefore it is vital for us to overcome it once for all if we want to live the lives God wants us to live – prosper and be in health as our souls prosper.

What I am about to reveal to you is a direct revelation for God. I said this because I did not get it from any other sources. In other words, what you are about to read has never been preached in any churches nor has it been written in any books as far as I know it.

Let us begin. In the above verse, Jesus said if you look at a woman with lust, you have committed adultery. Obviously he was speaking from the perspective of a man. So, men should not look at a woman with lust. Please note that Jesus did not say men should not look women. There is nothing wrong with men looking at women and vice versa. In fact, men are supposed to be attracted to women. If you are a man and you are not attracted to women, you have a bigger problem. You are not normal. You should start praying and seek medical help.

So far, we have established that there is nothing wrong with men looking at women and women looking at men. God made beautiful women as a blessing to men and good-looking men as a blessing to women. We enjoy this blessing by looking at them with admiration, the same way we admire other beautiful sights. However, there are some pitfalls here.

First, we should not stare. Otherwise, we will appear as rude and will scare off the person we admire.

Secondly, we should not entertain lust in our minds when we are admiring those beautiful people. When we are in lust, we are creating an inner reality of a sexual relationship with this person without the permission of this person. This is a violation to this person and is very disrespectful. How can we showing disrespect and violate the person who we are supposed to be admiring? Having lust will only pollute the joy of this admiration.

How do we overcome this lust? I shall begin by telling what you should not do. If you are to ask a religious pastor or a theologian, they will tell you attempt in not lusting. That is the worst advice in the world. If you do not believe me try this experiment:

Select one day where you commit not to have a single thought of lust within the period of 24 hours. Make a conscious effort in continual reminders, use your strongest commitment and will power in not lusting. When you do that, I can assure you that you will lust more than usual. The stronger your commitment is, the more you will lust. Why is that so?

When confronted with this issue, theologians will undoubtedly come up with their own rubbish like your sinful nature, lack of faith, not committed enough, failure to confess all sins or other forms of theology which are basically nonsense.

Let me tell you the real reason. The phenomena of the stronger your commitment is in not lusting, the more you will lust, has nothing to do with the reasons provided by the theologians. It happens because you have violated the law of physics.

The law of physics is in operation here. Nature abhors vacuum. When you push out a thought (regardless of positive or negative) you are creating a vacuum in the space that was previously occupied by that thought. The law of physics demands that this space to be filled immediately. It does not care what type of thought will fill it. All it cares is this space to be filled. So the nearest thought (which happens to be the thought that you tried to push away) will come back in and fill its former space. Your attempt to remove this thought has failed because of the law of physics.

That is not all. When that thought fills back to its former space, it becomes a new thought. All things being equal, a new thought is stronger than an old thought. Think of this. If you have eaten an apple ten years ago and you just ate the same type of apple just now, you will surely remember the taste just now better than the one ten years ago. So, your attempt to prevent lust will end up strengthening the lust inside you.

Theologians have no answer to this. The only thing they can do is to continue to chant their theology, make you feel guilty and want you to put in more effort to stop the lusts. As explained earlier, the more effort you put in, the more lust you will have. Theologians know nothing about the law of physics.

Let me give you the answer now. Here is the magic formula:

We overcome lust by replacing them with another positive thought that brings equal or more joy but without the negative effect of lust.

I will illustrate this formula with an example.

You are a man and see a beautiful woman walking pass you. You look at her and you were attracted. You think she is attractive. Consider this. Who made her beautiful? The answer is God. God made this woman beautiful and he has planned for you to cross path with her. He must have loved you so much that he wants you to enjoy such a beautiful sight. Don’t you think you ought to thank him?

Start thanking God for blessing you with the sight of such a beautiful creation of his. Since God had planned for you to enjoy this beauty, he must have more beautiful things and experiences for you in time to come. Start believing and expecting more good things in your life. Use this experience to make your faith grow. Start to convince yourself that this incident is another indication that your prayers for more prosperity will manifest very soon. Your life is going to be very beautiful. When you think this way, you are effectively blocking the thought of lust in your mind and replace it with a positive thought.

What is next? It depends on whether you are single or married. If you are a single man, see yourself married to someone that beautiful and enjoy your life with her. If you are married, see your wife to be more beautiful than the woman you just saw.

In this example, you have turned an incident of crossing path with a beautiful woman into a catalyst in increasing your faith, your relationship with God and have a brighter outlook in life.

Next, we shall look at what should we do when we have lusted. When you have lusted, you should respond the same way as any other mental sins. Shake it off and move on. This is true repentance. Repentance means turn away and move on. It is not about beating yourself, feeling sorry and mourned for your sins as though God will be impressed by this pathetic act. The Book of Hebrew tells us that God promised not to remember our sins. When God promised something, he keeps it. So, God says he does not remember our sins, he does not remember our sins. Shake it off and move on.

The dumbest thing you can do is to try to mourn over it. Suppose that you have lusted for 5 minutes. Will you spend a full hour feeling sorry for it as a punishment? Think about it this way. Suppose you have lost $50 due to your negligence. Will you throw away another $600 to punish yourself? So, instead of losing $50, you have now lost a total of $650. This is a dumb thing to do and only theologians will subscribe to it.

I hope I have revealed to you the true formula of overcoming lust.

In the subsequent verses, Jesus talked about chopping off your hands and gorging out your eyes if they cause you to sin. I don’t see the necessity to explain them because I believe that even the most perverse church under the bondage of theology does not demand their members to do so. This marks the temporary end of my writings on Matthew 5.

I have a short announcement to make. I will take a few days break from this blog. The nearest date for my next article will probably be the 3rd of December because I will be taking 2 days leave from the beginning of next week to attend a course which I will use, to be rich. So, don’t be surprise when you don’t see new articles for the next few days. I need to get rich, you know.

So long for now and if you have time, please pray for me to succeed in learning what needs to be learn in this course so that I can achieve my first million within the next 2 years.



9 Responses to “Overcoming Lust”

  1. jimmyjames32 Says:

    That was very well put and an enjoyable, yet practical, read. Thanks for publishing it.

  2. peacefulone Says:

    Hi Chee! I just wanted to congratulate you! Your site looks and reads amazing! Oh what progress! You’ve worked so hard. I’m proud to call you my friend. Blessings and Love E

  3. DJ Says:

    I’ve spent months looking for someone to explain the issue of lust to me and why I haven’t been able to overcome it by the way of the theologians.
    You have provided that answer, and an extremely effective solution (in my opinion) to the problem that I face.
    Thank you. Thank God for implanting you with the ability to help us who struggle with the everyday sins of life. I now understand what must be done to improve my life and take true happiness to the next level.

    God bless,

  4. Elango Gopal Says:

    You are right brother,
    you said the formula is that to make the long line to small line we must put the long line near that line.
    thanks brother.
    we must love heavenly father with all our strength and with all our souls instead of concentrate atour feeling,lust and negative things.
    Thanks brother once more.
    enjoy in lord our god is our strength.

  5. Elango Gopal Says:

    Since i was seven year sinner doing all evil things such as adultery,home sex ,mastrubating,porn sites addiction,pride and so on
    Before aware of jesus christ’ love i tried to overcome all evil things with my own will power but could not able to do. 😦
    i was so angry with people and god because of my failure.
    At last i was saved by jesus of nazareth who is son of god. i overcame all evil things by his grace and love him with all my thirsty and faith.Still i am loving the heavenly father as lover love each other.
    i will never ashamed for telling this because now i am not doing such this things because i want to please my heavenly father instead of pleasing other and myself.

    And brother, my friends and i need your help i liked your formula how to overcome the lust “when we see the beautiful woman” .i liked that so much because it is the truth.
    please brother i hope you will too have the formula for how to overcome the porn sites and mastrubation addiction.
    this is my email Id “thisiselango@gmail.com”
    i asked to pastor for the solution that .but he is also looking for the solutions.It is true.
    i hope jesus promised “If you seek you will find”
    this is my humble request .
    with humble and overflowing heart.

  6. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Dear Elango,

    The principle is still the same. Why are porn sites and the acts of mastrubation attractive to you? They must be filling some desires that you have like excitement and companionship.

    All you have to do is to use other ways to achieve the same results. For example, have you thought of getting into a real relationship with a real woman?

  7. Elango Gopal Says:

    //have you thought of getting into a real relationship with a real woman?//
    Never brother.Not at all.because i want to please my heavenly father.but .. but.. i don’t know why? …

    i am only falling into the sin due to release my depression and to do something to get pleasure and something force me (i know that god never force me, he give to me free will)
    Now a days i am doing night shift ,i am not getting proper sleep and rest.
    always some void in my heart even though i used to praying ,bible study and want to please the heavenly father .
    but this not happen when i am doing day shift ,during my day shift i don’t have any bad things and normal life such jesus love, parents love,preaching good news to friends.
    i know very well that jesus and my parent loves me so much.but i could not able to control that.
    expecting your response with my broken spirit and weeping heart.

  8. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Dear Elango,

    The night shift can be a contributing but not the deciding factor. If it is the deciding factor, then everyone working in night shifts will have the same problem.

    The solution is to fill your mind with good things like reading the articles in this blog and listening to good messages. I suggest you get yourself an MP3, get some CDs from Jerry Savelle Ministries International and listen to them as often as you can. Very soon, you will forget that you are supposed to have broken spirit and weeping heart.

  9. Elango Gopal Says:

    //then everyone working in night shifts will have the same problem //
    you are right. i think night shift is my lame excuse.
    Thanks so much for your true solution
    Definetly i will follow your suggestions,
    i want to be overcomer,
    i want to be jesus’ brother ,
    i want to be true son for my parents
    thanks once again god bless you. 🙂

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