The Beatitude – The Blessings Of Peace Makers

9 God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.
Matthew 5:9 (NLT)

In this part of the Beatitude Series, we shall look at the blessings God has for us who work for peace. If you choose to work for peace, you will be called the children of God. This means you have effectively presented yourself as a member of God’s family. Why is that so? God himself loves peace. When you work toward peace, you are doing what God loves. People around you will be able to see that you are like a child of God.

Please note that the above verse does not say “they will be children of God.” It says. “they will be CALLED the children of God.” If you are a Christian, you are a child of God. Nothing can change this truth. So, even if you are not working for peace, you are still a child of God. You are just not “called” as one.

This means if you are not working for peace, those around you cannot see the nature of God in you. When you tell them you are a Christian, they will interpret your words as you are a follower of a religion. They will not link you with God. In contrast, if you choose to work for peace, people around you can sense the godliness in you. Thus you will be called the child of God. This is the blessing Jesus promised for those of us who choose to work for peace.

How do we benefit from this blessing? When people can sense godliness in you, they will have greater confidence and trust in you.
 Doing business with you is like doing business with God.
 Employing you is like employing God.
 Investing in your business is like investing in God’s business.
 Appointing you to manage their business is like appointing God to manage their business.

If you were treated this way, how can you ever be poor again? The truth about every human being in this world is, everybody loves a winner and nobody likes a loser. Jesus promised to make us winners is we choose to obey him. So, have you decided to work for peace now?

The next question is what is this peace and how to work for it? Deciding to work for peace is useless if you are not doing it. Let us begin with the word “peace”. In my previous articles, I have explained “peace” as “shalom”, which in Jewish definition covers every good thing in life including material riches. However, in the above verse, I do not think Jesus was referring to the whole definition. The word “peace” in the above verse means the absence of strife.

In order to understand further, let us look at the opposite of peace, which is war. Throughout history, humanity had fought in many wars. There were various reasons why the wars were fought and I have classified them into three categories:

1. To acquire riches like fertile land, minerals, water source, strategic locations and trade routes.
2. To achieve personal or national glory, in conquering a large area of land.
3. To execute specific missions, like the propagation of religions and ideologies.

Whatever the reasons were, the common result was always death and destruction. War is bad for everyone unless you are in the business of weapons manufacturing. Even if you are in this business, whatever technology you are using in making weapons can be converted in civilian use and you can still make a lot of money from it. If fact, you may even ended up richer when you produce things that do not kill your customers and potential customers.

How do we solve the problem of war? Some religions like Buddhism suggest that we get rid of all our desires. When we do not have any desires to acquire riches, achieve glory or any missions, we will have no reason to start any war. The world will be in permanent peace at last.

Ironically, even theologians who call themselves Christians have similar thoughts. Theologians can never accept the idea that Christians should increase in wealth and achieve personal dreams. They seemed to link material wealth and personal glory to all the problems in this world today. Both groups are indeed strange bedfellows.

Are they right? The facts show that both are wrong. Nations that practice no-desire religions still have wars and strive among their people. Theologians, despite having outwardly advocated peace were the worst war criminals and human rights violators in history.

This tells us that getting rid of our desires will never bring peace in this world. Why is that so? God is the one who gives us those desires. Our desires are a part of us. Without them, we will not be who we are. We will be nothing but mindless drones. It is never God’s will for humans to become mindless drones.

Does this means we must have wars and never have any peace? The answer is no. We can achieve all the 3 objectives of war by peaceful means. In other words, we can attain great riches, achieve personal glory and execute specific missions without getting into war if we follow God’s way of doing things. We do not need war.

Why do people think they need to start wars to get all these things? They have the mentality of scarcity. When a king starts a war to capture a piece of fertile land from his neighbor, he is thinking that without that piece of land he cannot bring prosperity to his kingdom and feed his people. So, he must seize his neighbor’s property to enrich himself. What he fail to realize is, such act will only result in the overall poverty in the region. What he can seize today by means of war, somebody else can seize back through another war. What will happen to that piece of fertile land that is being fought over? Can the farmers farm in peace and produce riches from it? The answer is no and all the parties involved in it will only get poorer.

The only right way to get rich is to create wealth and not to seize them from others. When God makes us rich, he will not take away somebody else’s riches and give to us. He does not need to. He is rich enough to make us rich without having to make anyone poorer by the same amount.

The exception to this rule is the Wealth Transfer. Wealth Transfer is God’s correction mechanism, which removes material wealth from those who do not have the capability to contain them and transfer them to people who do. So, make sure you are on the receiving side of the Transfer.

We should not adopt the mentality of scarcity because it is not true. When you earn an extra dollar, it does not mean that someone else must have one dollar less. When you buy a second house, it does mean that you are causing one family to lose their home and sleep in the streets. I suspect many carnal minded Christians have such thoughts. They want to have more money because they want to live good lives but they do not want too much money. If they think they have too much money, they will feel guilty because they think they are causing other people to starve and this makes them murderers. Christians must remove this mental bondage at once.

The truth is we do not have to make others poorer when we get richer. We can get richer and help to make others richer as well. Let us go the example of the second house. When you sign the contract to buy a second house, it does not mean that the moment you put down your signature, one family in some part of the world is being evicted from their house.

Houses can be built. In fact, when you buy an additional house, you are creating a demand for houses. You are encouraging housing developers to build more houses. Their activity in building houses will create jobs and make people rich. Hey, you have just made many people rich and created jobs.

The same goes for our desires to be richer. Let us assume that you are currently running a profitable shoe factory. What do you think will happen if you intend to expand your enterprise to make more money? Will others get poorer when you get richer? Let us analyze this.

1. Your current factory may be too small for you to increase production. You need to build a new factory. You have created a new business for the construction company, profits for its owners and jobs for its employees.

2. You need more machines. You have created a new business for the machine supplier, profits for its owners and jobs for its employees.

3. You need to buy more raw materials like leather. You have created a new business for the leather supplier, profits for its owners and jobs for its employees.

4. You need more workers and you hire more people. There are more jobs in the market. More people get to work. Their families get to eat. Their children get to go to school.

The above analysis is to show that you can make people richer when you get richer. The mentality of scarcity is destructive. God wants us to have the mentality of abundance. God does not want you to engage in a war with other shoe manufacturers. He wants you to concentrate in making the best shoes and prosperity will come to you. This is the working of peace. You don’t have to compete like the ancient kings. You don’t have to sabotage your competitors, undercut their prices or resort to any despicable behavior. Do what you are called to do the best you can to bring prosperity to the people who work and deal with you. God will make sure that you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

What can work in your quest for prosperity can also work in other areas of your desire. Your desires for personal achievements, glory or any specific missions can be achieved through the mentality of abundance. Work for peace, not strife.

9 God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.
Matthew 5:9 (NLT)


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