The Beatitude – Blessings Of Pure Hearts

8 God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8 (NLT)

Welcome to my series in the Beatitudes. We shall look at the benefits of keeping our hearts pure. Jesus promised us that when we have pure hearts we will be blessed and we will see God. Let us begin with pure hearts.

What does it mean? The word “pure” means the absence of impurities. When our hearts are pure, it means it does not contain things that are not supposed to be there. The term “heart” does not refer to the organ that pumps blood to the whole body. It refers to the part our minds, which stores our emotions. It is our inner self.

In the above verse, Jesus encouraged us to keep our hearts pure. This implies that it is possible for us to have impure hearts and it is our responsibility to keep it pure. So, what exactly is an impure heart? In the previous article, I have explained that the moment we believed in Jesus and became Christians, we were born again into a new species. We became gods in our spirits. We are spiritual gods. Godliness is our nature. We can perform the best and achieve the highest level of prosperity when we are in our godly mode.

Godliness requires us to keep our hearts pure. This means we are to keep out certain things from our hearts. What are these certain things? These are the things that are in direct opposite to the nature of God like negative thoughts and emotions. Let me list out a few of them:

1. Unbelief
2. Unforgiveness
3. Bitterness
4. Greed
5. Anxiousness
6. Worries
7. Addiction to S&M
8. Lust
9. Vengence
10. Desire to make others suffer
11. Selfishness

The above list is not exhaustive and I hope you get the idea. Please note that the above are thoughts. I call those impure thoughts. God wants us to keep those impure thoughts out of our hearts because they can hinder us from being in our godly mode. When that happens, we will not have access to our powers as gods to overcome our problems and receive prosperity from God. This is why is important for Christians to keep our hearts pure. Christians should avoid impure thoughts like Superman avoids Kryptonite.

I would like to remind you that this verse is not a threat. It is an advice. God did not give us this verse to blackmail us into keeping our hearts pure. God gave us this verse because he wants us to keep our hearts pure. He wants us to keep our hearts pure because he wants us to always be in the godly mode. He wants us to always be in the godly mode because he wants us to overcome all our problems and receive all the prosperity he has for us. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you don’t obey God, he will do some perverted things on you.

The next question is how to keep our hearts pure? We have to replace them with pure thoughts. Our hearts (inner self) are not designed to be empty. They have to be filled either with good or bad thoughts. It is our choice to choose whether to fill our hearts will good or bad thoughts. If you are smart, you will choose good thoughts.

Let me tell you a secret in managing our thoughts. Using your will power to push out bad thoughts will fail no matter how hard you try. If you do not believe me, try this experiment. Choose one day where you keep telling yourself “I will not lust.” repeatedly. Use your strongest will power to push out every thought of lust from your mind. If you do that, you will end up lusting more than ever. Likewise, for every kind of sinful thoughts. The more you try to push them out, the more powerful they become.

The way to overcome sinful or bad thoughts is displace them with godly and positive thoughts. Fill your minds with positive thoughts. This is an active act. You have to determine to think positive even if the situation around you says the opposite. Here are some examples:

 When you read that the world is facing the worst economic crises, think of your God who promised to give you exceeding and abundantly above what you dare to ask or hope for. Thank him for his generosity toward you and determine to receive all the prosperity he has for you.

 If you receive a medical report than you are infected with a deadly disease, thank God for sending Jesus to take away all your sicknesses and diseases at the Cross. Thank God for his goodness in giving you a healthy and long life to your satisfaction.

 If you are a man and you see a very attractive lady walking pass you, thank God for making beautiful women and all the beautiful things in your life. Take some time to reflect upon all the good and beautiful things in your life that God has given to you.

This is how we keep our hearts pure. Jesus said when we have pure hearts we will see God. When we see God, we are not seeing poverty, disease, death, failures and any form of disappointments. God is a very prosperous, successful and healthy person. When we see God, we see prosperity, success and health in our lives.


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