The Beatitude – The Humble Shall Inherit The Earth

5 God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.
Matthew 5:5 (NLT)

Welcome to my series in the Beatitude. This time, we have come to one on the most misunderstood term: humility. In the above verse, Jesus said God blesses those who are humble and these people will inherit the whole earth. This means it is good to be humble. If you are humble, God will make you so rich that you literally inherit the earth. I hope I don’t have to illustrate to you that the earth is very rich.

Therefore, if you truly aspire to be rich, you need to be humble. The next step is to find out what it means to be humble. In this context, it means not to place our personal opinion above God. When God says something is true, it is true even if the situation does not look like it or it sounds illogical to our carnal mind.

Here is an example. God has made it clear that he sent Jesus to die poor at the Cross, for us to live rich. Since he said it, he must have meant it. Being humble means we believe what he says is true. It is the will of God for all Christians to live rich on earth.

 We believe this is true even if there are many poor Christians in this world.
 We believe this is true even if we are physically poor right now.
 We believe this is true even if there are isolated verses in the Bible telling us that early believers like the apostles had been through a period of lack in their lives.
 We believe this is true even if some smart dude tells us that not everyone can be rich because somebody has to wash toilets.
 We believe this is true even if Satan is sending his theologians to persecute us for believing in this truth.

In short, being humble in the above verse means we uphold the reality in God’s words even if this reality contradicts the reality in our physical world. How does being humble make us rich? It helps us to focus on the truth and thus strengthen our faith in the midst of adversity. In other words, being humble helps us to overcome the limitations placed on us by our physical environment.

Let me explain further by looking into the concept of reality. We have more than one reality around us. The most obvious one is the physical reality that we can see, hear, touch and feel with our physical senses. You may be rich, poor, healthy, sick, tall, short or have any characteristics. All these are real.

Everyone knows about it. For atheists, this is the only reality that is true. They believe in no other. Theologians and carnal minded Christians believe this form of reality in the full expression of God’s will. This means if you are rich, God wants you to be rich. If you are poor, God wants you to be poor. If you are healthy, God wants you to be healthy. If you are sick, God wants you to be sick. In short, whatever situation you are in right now, it is God’s will for you is to be in that situation and this is supposed to be his good will for you.

Think about this. Can anyone who believes in the above trash (theology) make any progress in life? Imagine you are to be in a bad situation and are suffering right now. Theologians will tell you that this is God’s will for you. Sometimes God can make you sick and poor for his glory. (I have a masochist posting this prayer in my blog). Why would God take glory in making people suffer in poverty and sickness? Is God a sadist? If you believe in that, you must never seek to overcome that problem. If you are sick, you must never see a doctor. If you are poor, you must never look for a job. Doing so is being disobedient to God’s “good” will on you. The only way to respond to bad situation according to theology is to receive them with joy like a true masochist.

This is another proof that theology is nothing more than a lie from the pit of hell. Theology worships the physical reality as God and ignores the reality in God’s words.

Apart from the physical reality, the other reality is the Bible reality. This is the reality stated in the Bible and this reality does not always conform to the physical reality. For example, in the physical world we have Christians who are poor and rich. However in the Bible, believers are supposed to be rich. Throughout the Bible, God has decreed that prosperity is the reward of the righteous. As long as we believe and obey God, we have the right to prosperity. Prosperity in the Bible does not exclude material riches.

If you are rich, you have both the physical reality and Bible reality are in agreement with each other. What if you are poor right now? You are facing 2 opposing realities. The physical reality says you are poor but the Bible reality says you are rich. Who is right? The answer lies in you. You are the one who will decide which reality do you want and make it your inner reality. The physical reality will conform to your inner reality.

The inner reality is the reality we keep in our thoughts. This is the only reality we have full control in. The Bible reality was fixed by God and no one can change it. The physical reality is subjected to the law of physics. There is very little we can do to change it. You can physically pick up a pebble but you can never move a mountain with your own strength. The only way we can do that is to allow the reality of the Bile to become our inner reality. This means we believe the Bible is true no matter what happens in the physical world. The Bible reality is our inner reality. We make our minds to be constantly filled with the thoughts of prosperity from God. We make it a habit to listen to God’s words, confess it and study it. We reject any opposing views and ideas that are contrary to God’s truth.

Once you have done the above, your physical reality will have no choice but to conform to the inner reality you have created using God’s words. You will prosper in every area in your life and become rich beyond your wildest dreams. All these can only happen when you are truly humble. Those who are arrogant allow their physical reality to become their inner reality but only the humble can do the opposite. No wonder the humble will inherit the earth.

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