Singapore is in recession! The rest of the world is next!

To the carnally minded people out there, this is bad news. However, as a Christian, I believe in a God who is recession proof. Since Isaac sowed in the year of famine reaped a hundred fold, there is not reason why Christians cannot do the same. At the Cross, Jesus died poor for us to live rich. This means I am destined to be rich, recession or no recession.

What we need to do now is not to give up hope. Keep sowing, tithing and look for opportunities to prosper. If you are a positive person, there are opportunities every where including recession. In fact prices of assets are supposed to dip below their fair value. Assets like shares and properties will be on cheap sale. Time for bargain hunting. Do you like shopping? This is the time to buy things at prices that are below their values. Start hunting.

How about the rest of the world that are sufferring from the effects of recession? The answer is the poor cannot help the poor. If you truly have the heart to help the poor, you must be committed to be rich yourself. Only the rich have the resources to help the poor.

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting rich for the glory of God!

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