The Lord Pours Down His Blessings

1 Lord, you poured out blessings on your land! You restored the fortunes of Israel.
2 You forgave the guilt of your people—yes, you covered all their sins.
Psalm 85:1-2 (NLT)

Psalm 85 focuses on asking God for restoration. The Israelites had experienced roller-coaster rides in their relationship with God. Each time they rebelled against God, they blocked their own blessings. As a result they were oppressed and became poor. However, when they turned toward God, God made them strong and rich again. Psalm 85 was written at the time where Israelites were under the state of oppression and poverty. It was written by an Israelite with the purpose of asking God for forgiveness and the restoration of the nation’s fortunes.

I am sure many of us can relate to the above scenario. We made mistakes. Some of these mistakes can include disobeying God for the sake of pursuing our own path to prosperity. As a result, we got into trouble and become poorer instead. If you happen to be in this situation, God is telling you that it is not over. There is still hope. He is still willing to help you and restore your prosperity. The only issue here is, are you willing to submit to him, trust him and let him guide you? If you do, he will fulfill his promise in giving you the prosperity you desire.

Let us look at what the psalm says. It begins with asking God for blessings and forgiveness.

What does this means to us? First, we need to acknowledge the fact that God has poured out blessings on our land. The term “poured” implies abundance. There is a huge difference between picking up pieces of gold and pouring out gold. He is the restorer of our fortunes. Our God is the God who brings prosperity to his people. He will never cause people to be poor. Poverty is not his nature. God does not believe in the Vow of Poverty. The idea of sometimes God wants you to be poor because he can use the poor, is nothing more than a lie from the pit of hell. It is a lie designed to keep Christians poor. It is the perfect will of God for all his people to be rich. He poured out blessings to our land.

Verse 2 says he forgave the guilt of his people and covered all their sins. Why cover sins? At the time this psalm was written, Jesus had not come to die for our sins. So their sins could only be covered and not removed. Only the blood of Jesus can remove sins. Those people under the Law could only rely on the blood of animals to cover their sins. The difference between us Christians and the writer of this psalm is, our sins have been removed while his sins had to be covered by regular animal sacrifices.

Here is the good news. If those people in the past, could have the Lord pouring out blessings to them (when their sins were just covered by the blood of animals), how much more for us Christians, when all our sins are now permanently removed by the blood of Jesus? If we Christians are to have the same level of blessings as they are, it will mean Jesus’ blood is at the same level as the blood of animals. It is like saying Jesus is like an animal. That is blasphemy.

As Christians we should have more prosperity than them because our Jesus is far greater than their animals. So, whenever we read about the blessings of the people under the Covenant of Law, we should always remind ourselves that our blessings must be greater than theirs or we would have committed blasphemy.

In conclusion, we are on higher ground. Jesus did not die for our sins for us to continue to live in defeat, discouraged, sick and poor. Since all our sins have been permanently removed, we are entitled for the greatest prosperity God has for his people. So, rejoice and be glad for great is our blessings. Live each day expecting great blessings to come into your life.


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