We Did Not Receive The Spirit Of Fear

15 So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”
Romans 8:15 (NLT)

The above verse is clear when it says we are not meant to be fearful slaves. It has never been the will of God for us to live in fear nor in slavery. We have our own independent freedom. We can choose to do what we want.

This is the opposite of what religious churches have been teaching for generations. If you have been to one, you will realize that all their messages are directed to cause fear to their people. In their religious minds, threats and blackmails are the only way to make people live holy lives. They have no regard on what the Bible says, especially what Romans 8:15 is all about. Religious people are fearful slaves. They do not have the freedom in not sinning. They are scared into trying not to sin. The facts show that they failed.

Thank God we are not like that. We are free. We don’t sin not because of any threats. We don’t sin because we choose not to. Sin is no longer our nature. Our nature is holiness. We live holy lives because it is our nature to be holy. Living holy lives to Christians is like barking is like to dogs. Once we believe in this truth, the days of struggling against sin is over. This is true holiness.

The subsequent part of the verse tells us we received God’s Spirit when he adopted us as his own children. We call him “Abba, Father.” We are the children of God. Even religious people know this but their problem is they don’t take it seriously. In the religious mind the phase “children of God” is only a metaphor. It is not real. This is why they get offended when we Christians call God our daddy or we do not use capital letter for the term “father”.

Please note that the term “Abba” is the equivalent of the western “daddy”. It indicates intimacy with God. I remember that a religious guy tried to correct me in using capital letters when I refer to God. He told me I should type “He” instead of “he” when I refer to God. Religious people seem to think that not only are they the only ones who are qualified to read the Bible, they are also the only authority in English Language.

The truth is I intentionally use small letters to show that I am referring to the intimate relationship I have with God and not the title. Let me explain further. I suspect no Christians will have problem with God as our “Father” but most have problem with him as our “father”. There is a big difference between “Father” and “father”. The former refers to a title and the latter refers to a relationship.

When God tells us he is our father, he is referring to his desire for close relationship with us. He is not inventing a new title. Unfortunately, religious churches had turned it into a title. For example, the Pope is addressed as the “Holy Father”. What does that mean? If you are a catholic, can you go to the Pope, tap his shoulder and say, “Hi dad. I am going to take my family to Rome next month. Can we stay at your Vatican for a few days?” I don’t think any catholic will dare to say that because the Holy Father is the Holy Father. He is not your father. Religious churches treat God the same way. In their minds, God is the Father and not their father. This is why they are living in bondage.

In conclusion, as Christians we live in freedom. We are not fearful slaves. We live in holiness and dislike sin because it is our nature to do so. We are not threatened into holiness. God is our father. (Emphasis on the small “f”) We are his sons and daughters. If you are a man, you are the son of God. If you are a woman, you are the daughter of God. As the sons and daughters of God, we have complete access to all his blessings. We are destined to overcome every trials and challenges that are in our way. We are forever victorious and exceedingly prosperous. Just remember God is our father, not Father.


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