Share In His Glory, Share In His Suffering

16 For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.
17 And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering.
Romans 8:16-17 (NLT)

Verse 16 tells us that the Holy Spirit confirms our true identity. We are God’s children. This verse emphasizes the truth to us that we Christians are no longer ordinary people. We are the children of God. God All Mighty is our daddy. I am sure religious people will try very hard to turn this statement into a metaphor but the truth is clear. We are God’s children when we were born again. Since God is our father (note the small “f”), we must have inherited his genes. This means we belong to the same species as God. If we call this new species “god”, then all Christians are gods.

If you are a Christian and you deny your identity as god, you are basically denying the truth in the Bible. Why bother to pretend to be a Christian in the first place?

Verse 17 tells us that we are also God’s heir. When we become somebody’s heir, we will only inherit this person’s fortunes when he dies. As long as this person is still alive, we get nothing. Does that work the same way for God? Of course. Unless God can die, being his heir is totally useless. Thank God he did. At the Cross Jesus died. This event qualifies us to inherit all of God’s blessings. As Christians, we have full rights to everything God owns which includes all the prosperity in this universe.

The subsequent part of this verse tells us that we are heirs to God’s glory. Our future is glorious. However, it also says that if we want to share his glory, we must also share his suffering. It comes in a package. We cannot choose one without another. So, the question, what is his suffering?

At this point, I am sure religious people will sneak in and use the “suffering” part to introduce their perversity into the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. After all, I am sure we are all used to their sneaky method to look for any excuse to convince us that our God is the pervert who loves to make people poor, sick and undergo every form of sufferings for his glory. Unfortunately for them, the Bible says otherwise. Their version of perverted God cannot stand in the light of truth.

Let us get back to the original question. What exactly is that suffering mentioned in the above verse. Let me start by eliminating the wrong meanings. The “suffering” here cannot include the sufferings Jesus took on our behalf at the Cross. At the Cross, Jesus took on our sufferings on himself. Those are not his sufferings. This means the sufferings here must not include poverty, sickness or any other effects of sin. As Christians, we are destined to live victorious lives in prosperity and health.

Therefore, the only suffering available here is the suffering from persecution from the religious people. The Bible tells us the Jesus and his disciples face persecutions from the theologians. The descendents of those theologians are still around today. All you need to do is to conduct searches on names of Christian preachers like “Kenneth Copeland” and you will find many religious sites spreading lies on that man. Don’t let them surprise you. God is not surprised. He had predicted that in the above verse.

This means that our commitment to obey God and share in his glory will not be unopposed. Satan will begin to see you as a threat he will do whatever he can to stop you. He is hoping that the suffering he imposed on you will cause you to give up. One of his favorite tactics is to use his religious people to spread lies about you in hope that you will give up your commitment.

Do you want proof on this? Just look at the comments in this blog. The main reason I don’t go to religious blogs and prefer for them to post their comments in this blog is to collect and preserve proofs on their nature. So, the comments from the religious people will serve as reminders to us on how perverse Satan can be.

However, just because Satan and his religious people are trying very hard, it does not mean that they must be successful. We are the ones to decide on who is winning, not then. As for me, I have decided that I will win and they will lose. I have decided to share in God’s glory. Prosperity, good health, long life and success in every area are all mine in Jesus’ name. How about you? Are you willing to go through the sufferings?


One Response to “Share In His Glory, Share In His Suffering”

  1. John Adekunle Says:

    Faith in Christ qualifies a man for good health, long life, prosperity & success. But we must be mindful of the fact that these terms are relatives. Let’s consider them in christian term:
    1. Long life: The unbelievers want to live in this world as long as possible so they do anything to realise that. To christians, heaven is their home so they see this world as a place of carrying out assignment or fulfilling purposes & are ready to leave immediately they have finished. John the baptist did not realise this & wanted to extend his stay; he picked offence in Jesus for not coming to deliver him. The fact was that Jesus knew that his time was over because he had finished his assignment – making Jesus known. Mat.3:3, Jn.1:19-23. Jesus spent 31/2 yrs & that was a long life for him. He did not die b4 his purpose.
    2. Prosperity: To unbelievers prosperity is the reason for a living – how great & wealthy they can be in this world. To true christians everything in this world is a tool for fulfiling a purpose or carrying out an assignment; they prosper towards heaven. Jesus asked us to build our treasures in heaven. Mat.6:19-21
    3. Success: unbelievers are crazy about prosperity & success in this world & they have them by all means. But good christians are concern about faithfulness and goodness and not just any how suceess. Mat.25:14-23. So they are ready to suffer under any condition than to break thier faithfulness & goodness. They will rather die.

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