Share Freely And Give Generously

9 They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever. They will have influence and honor.
Psalm 112:9 (NLT)

Welcome to the seventh installment of the study of Psalm 112. The above verse repeats the characteristics of godly people. Being godly, it is our nature to want to share freely and give generously. Why is that so? We are like our father, God. When we were born again, we were born again into a new species, the species of God. We belong to the same species as God is. One of the natural characteristics of this species is we like to share freely and give generously.

Please note that the above verse refers to sharing and giving willingly and cheerfully. It does not include those who are threatened or manipulated into giving. As Christians, we give because we want to and not because we have to. If you happen to be in a church like my first church where the preachers used manipulative tricks to squeeze money out of you, you should realize that you are in a religious church, not a church that preaches the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. You should get out of it. Find a church that preaches the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The true Gospel must cover the following:

1. Jesus died for your sins for you to live in righteousness.
2. Jesus died poor for you to live rich.
3. Jesus took all your sickness for you to live in health.

The above are not exhaustive. They should serve as the basic minimum for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The subsequent part of the above verse tells us that our good deeds will be remembered forever. This implies that we have good deeds. In order for our good deeds to be remembered forever, it must be real big. Such deeds must go beyond saving a drowning man in a swimming pool, giving a piece of bread to a hungry child or saving a cat trapped on a tree. We are going to do deeds that are really big. So big that it will be remembered forever even without any promotions. In other words, we are destined for greatness.

This tells us that God is not interested in us being average. We are not meant to be average. God has high expectations on us and has given us the desires for great deeds. It is up to us to believe and use our faith to achieve the desires he has placed in our hearts.

The final part of the verse says we will have influence and honor. We don’t have to pursue them. Our God has decreed that we will have influence and honor. They are part of the prosperity from God for us. God will not prosper us just for us to enjoy ourselves quietly. He wants us to be examples of his love. We are lights of the world. Jesus said no one puts a bowl to cover the light. We are to shine into darkness so that everyone can see how good our God is and they will be drawn to him. This is the purpose of the influence and honor that God wants us to have.

It is time for us believers of Jesus Christ to live lives worthy of his calling. Let us live in faith, believing that our God is always on our side delivering us from every trouble and blessing us with prosperity in every area in our lives. This is true witnessing. True witnessing is about living the life God wants us to live, prosperity in every area in our lives. It has nothing to do with chanting religious doctrines the way religious churches have been doing.


4 Responses to “Share Freely And Give Generously”

  1. peacefulone Says:

    Hi Chee! I’m so happy that Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law. I’m so glad that he redeemed us from the curse of poverty, sickness and spiritual death. It is God’s desire for us to be wealthy in health, in spirit and in our storehouses or bank accounts. It is God’s desire for us not to be bankrupt but to have balance in every facet of our lives.

    The devil has put bondage on people to make them think that being wealthy in the kingdom of God is bad. It isn’t. However, if people prefer not to be wealthy; God will accommodate them. (smile) However, for kingdom work; we who will listen to God will need some finances. Now, me personally…I don’t have to have a huge bank account and I certainly don’t want God to promote me unless He totally considers me responsible…however, it is my aim to do everything to further the kingdom and if that means being wealthy…so be it.

  2. peacefulone Says:

    Chee, I want to thank you for getting into the trenches to free the people who are in bondage about wealth. It’s my prayer that they’ll begin to focus on the “real enemy” named satan and join us who war against him in the spirit realm and receive greater understanding about the importance of wealth for the end time harvest of souls.

    P.S. If they don’t understand this…they’ve got some Bible reading and meditating to do. Blessings & Love E

  3. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    Based on 2 Cor 8:9, we must be rich in every area that Jesus was poor in when he was at the Cross. The Vow Of Poverty was not invented at that time. The Early Church did not remove health and wealth from the rest of God’s blessings.

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

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