The Godly Are Generous Lenders And Fair Businessmen

5 Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly.
Psalm 112:5 (NLT)

Welcome to the fifth installment in my study of Psalm 112. In the above verse, we shall look at one of the characteristics of a godly person. It is our nature to lend money generously and conduct our business fairly. Good things will happen to us when we do the above.

Please note that God did NOT say we MUST do the above. He is only saying that we will do that. As Christians, we share the nature of our father, God. Good things will always come to us when we act in accordance to our nature. After all, God’s nature is now our nature. We are not blackmailed into doing good deeds. We do good deeds because it is our nature to do so. This sets us apart from the religious people.

Let us look at the first part of the above verse. One of our characteristics is to lend money generously. In order to fulfill this, there must be 2 conditions:
1. We must have generous hearts
2. We must have a lot of money.

Generous hearts.
Why do we need generous hearts to lend generously? The phase “lend money generously” is not about commercial loans. Commercial loans are business transactions meant to bring profits to the lenders. There is nothing generous about them. When the bank lends you money to buy a property, it is not being generous. It is doing a business to make a profit.

When we lend money generously, we do it to help those who need resources to help them to go through a difficult period in their lives. At the same time, we expect the loans to be repaid at low or no interest so that we can use them to help more people. Here is an example. We lend money to some farmers to buy seeds and fertilizers to start their farming. After their harvests, they are to return the money and we will use them to give out more loans. This way, we are maximizing the utilization of our resources to bring the maximum results.

Generous hearts are needed for the above venture.

A lot of money.
We cannot lend what we don’t have. As Christians, we need to be very rich in order for us to fulfill the desires our God have for us. Therefore, being rich is a necessity for us. It is not an option.

Someone commented in this blog that giving $2 is also helping the poor and it is not necessary to be rich. This is the result of religious bondage. In the religious mind, giving $2 is good enough to fulfill their obligations. They have no desire to be richer to order to give more. Like their ancestors, they would rather people suffering from sickness than to have the Sabbath broken. It is preferable to see people suffering from poverty than to ask God for great wealth to help them.

This tells us that you cannot be religious and be godly at the same time.

The second part of Psalm 112:5 tells us that we, the godly conduct our business fairly. In other words we do not cheat the people we do business with. When we do business, we add value to the people we deal with. We do not over-charge our customers for our products or services. The value we add into the lives of our customers must be more than the money they pay to us.

However, this does not mean we cannot make any profits. Let me give you some examples.

If I am to buy a painting worth $10,000, bring it to Africa and trade it with a tribesman for an animal skin that is worth $1,000, I am making a huge loss. At the same time, the tribesman is not benefiting from this trade either. How can he benefit from a $10,000 painting? Furthermore, that painting will not last for long in his hut. This tribesman has given away a valuable animal skin for something that has no value to him. This is a lose-lose situation. Both of us are making loss. I am not conducting my business fairly. I have cheated him.

Here is a better trade. Instead of using a $10,000 painting for the trade, I give him drugs, which consists of medicines, antiseptics and vitamin supplements worth $500 in exchanged for his animal skin worth $1,000. I am making a huge profit and so is he. The drugs that he got from me enable him and his family to live healthier and longer lives. When he has better health, he can hunt for more animal skins and get richer. So, the $500 worth of products from me has helped the tribesman to gain more animal skins. Both sides are winning and making profits. This is conducting business fairly.

Therefore, do not think that if you conduct your business fairly, you cannot make profit and be rich. When we conduct our business fairly, we create profits for ourselves and our customers. When our customers see the profits in dealing with us, they will definitely come back to us with more business. We can only get richer in conducting our business fairly.

When God wants us to conduct our business fairly, he must want us to be rich and successful in our business.

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