Light Shines In Your Darkness

4 Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous.
Psalm 112:4 (NLT)

Welcome to the fourth installment on the study of Psalm 112. This verse presents the first negative word in Psalm 112. When I first mentioned the term “negative” on certain parts of the Bible, one religious guy wrote in to object on my usage of words. How dare I call any part of the Bible as negative? I suspect he must have restrained himself from condemning me to hell. He had even suggested that I must avoid certain parts of the Bible if I think they are negative. However, he has neglected the truth that there are negative words in the Bible and I am not avoiding them. I choose to trust in God and read them in the right context.

In the above verse, we have a negative part: “darkness”. Why do we still have darkness? Let me clarify this. The moment we choose to put our trust in God, we will have full rights to live in prosperity and health as our souls prosper. Sickness and poverty have no right to come to our lives. However, just because they have no right, it does not mean they will never come.

There are a lot of Christians living in poverty and sickness. This does not mean they are living according to God’s will for them. God is no respecter of persons. He will never select a group of Christians to live in health and wealth and another group to live in sickness and poverty. His greatest wish for every Christian is to prosper and be in health as our souls prosper. If we are not as rich or healthy as we wish to be it is time to use our faith to enforce our rights. While darkness can happen to the godly, it does not mean it has the right to do so.

Let us define the meaning of darkness. What is darkness? There are a few results of it.

Darkness causes us to lose our directions in life.
When you are in total darkness, you will not know where to go. Every direction looks the same. Many people lives in hopelessness because they do not have any direction for their lives. God designed us to live with a vision and a direction for the future. We need a clear direction to move forward in order to live a fulfilled life. Those who live without direction are like the living dead. They may be breathing on the outside but deep inside their minds, they are dead.

Darkness makes us vulnerable.
When we are in darkness, we can never defend ourselves. We cannot see our attackers nor find any place to hide. We are at the mercy of anyone who wants to harm us. If you have ever been to a pity party, you will find the above situations to be familiar. Most people in this world behave this way. In their minds, they are at the mercy of their environment. If the economy is bad, they are worried of losing their jobs. If the economy is good, they are worried of not being able to afford the high prices of things. No matter what happens around them, there is always something to worry and complain about. Don’t you think it is terrible to live this way?

The good news is, our darkness will not remain for long. The first part of Psalm 112:4 says light shines in the darkness for the godly. God will not allow us to stay in darkness for long. He will send light. He is our light. As Christians we are sealed with the Holy Spirit the moment we believed in him. If you find yourself experiencing the characteristics of darkness as explained above, it is time for you to make up your mind to fight it off. You need to be determined to read the Bible and listen to faith messages to see the light. This blog is a good source for you to see the light that God is shining on you.

When you do that, the darkness in your life will cease to exist.

The second part of the above verse tells us the characteristics of a godly man. They are:
1. generous
2. compassionate
3. righteous

Let us study in detail on these characteristics.

People who are generous love to give. They give out a lot. This tells us that they must be very rich. This characteristic conforms with the earlier verse that tells us that the godly are wealthy. It is the will of God for the godly to be very rich in order for us to be very generous.

The godly cares for the poor and the suffering. Our compassion for them is not limited to empty talk alone. We want to help them to overcome their poverty and suffering. This is the reason we want to have exceeding and abundant wealth from God. The more resources we have at our disposal, we can do more for the poor and the suffering.

As Christians, our righteousness is based on Jesus’ works at the Cross. As I have explained earlier, we rely on Christ-Righteousness and not Self-Righteousness. This means our righteousness is secure and unaffected by our personal weaknesses. No matter what happens around us or what mistakes we have made, our position with God can never change.

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