Wealth And Good Deeds Of The Godly

3 They themselves will be wealthy, and their good deeds will last forever.
Psalm 112:3 (NLT)

Welcome to the third installment on my study of Psalm 112. In this article, we have come to a verse that religious people would love to add in the magic word “spiritual” on it. Why? God promised wealth to his people and the word “spiritual” is not there. This means God wants all believers to be wealthy. In the mind of God, it is natural for us believers to live wealthy lives.

This is the opposite of what religious churches believe in. According to their religious doctrines, the riches from God can cover anything as long as that thing cannot physically exist. Since physical wealth like money can physically exist, it is not from God. The idea of asking God for money is a blasphemy to them. If you show them the above verse, they will add in the magic word “spiritual” to it.

Let us move to the next part. Why do you think God wants us to be rich? If you think God makes you rich for you to have a good life like living like a king, you are right but there is more. He expects good deeds from us and he promised that the result from our good deeds will last forever.

Please don’t get me wrong. God has no problem with us wanting to live good lives. I remember when I shared that I want to be rich to help the poor, some religious people were skeptical and they questioned whether my true motive is to live like a king, as though it is a sin to do so. Here is my reply to them: I have no problem on wanting to live like a king. If I want to live like a king, I will use my faith to receive all the money I need to finance this lifestyle. I don’t need to use helping the poor as an excuse to be rich.

I would like to highlight to you the 2 parts of riches. They are:
1. The right to be rich.
2. The application and purpose of our riches.

Our rights to be rich are guaranteed by Jesus’ death at the Cross. It cannot be changed. If you are a Christian you have the right to unlimited riches because at the Cross, Jesus died poor for you to live rich. There is absolutely no need for us to come up with excuses like wanting to help the poor to manipulate God to make us rich. God has already decided in the above verse that it is his will for us to be rich. All we need to do is to agree with him and build up our faith in order to increase our ability to receive wealth from him.

We also need to have specific application and purpose for our riches. While there is nothing wrong wanting to live like a king, we need a much larger purpose if we are interested in receiving greater wealth from God. This purpose must surpass our own selfish desires. It must be able to reach out to bless the people around us. Only then, will we become God’s channel of blessing to the world. When we function as channels, we will have God’s blessings coming to us before we distribute them to others. To put it in a simple way, we will receive a lot of money and give out a lot of money.

God promised us that our good deeds will last forever. There will be rewards for our faithfulness in obeying God. When we become God’s channel of blessings, not only are we able to live like kings, we will also be eligible for rewards on Judgment Day. On that day, while religious people trembled in fear of punishments, we the believers of God can wait in expectation on rewards.

Isn’t it great to trust God?


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