Whatever The Father Does, The Son Also Does

19 So Jesus explained, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.
John 5:19 (NLT)

This article continues from yesterday. After Jesus told the Pharisees on why he broke the Sabbath, he continued to say the above words. Jesus was saying that what he did was in harmony with God’s will for us. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.

How does this help us? We cannot see the Father but we can read about the conduct of the Son. The way Jesus behaved, talked and conducted himself is the way the Father behaved, talked and conducted himself. Knowing this truth will set us free from the lies from religion. In this article, we shall look into the conduct of Jesus.

Here we go:

Truth 1: Jesus made sick people healthy. He never made healthy people sick.
It is never the will of God for anyone to be sick. If you look into the life of Jesus, there was never a situation where he gave disease to anyone, even to his worst enemy. So, the idea that God gives you sickness is a lie from the pit of hell.

Truth 2: Jesus was compassionate to people who sinned and made mistakes.
He will never condemn you for making mistakes. This is in contrast with the behavior of the religious people who visited this blog. They used hell to threaten me to toe their line. So, if I don’t stop my desire of wanting to get rich, God will send me to hell. Jesus had never behaved like that.

He was kind and did not mind associating himself with the outcast at that time, the prostitutes and the tax collectors. He even made friends with them. He never threatened them to quit their sins. He used his love and kindness to change them.

Truth 3: Jesus was intolerant with religious people who used their positions to oppress the people.
He called the pastors, priests and theologians “white wash tombs” ,”brood of vipers” and “hypocrites”. He condemned their practice of presenting God as a cruel tyrant who is looking for people to punish. This tyrant is more interested in his rules being obeyed than the welfare of his people. For example, he does not care how much you are suffering as long as you are not healed on Sabbath.

You can see a lot of their descendents today. It does not matter to them how much good you have done. All they care is you better don’t break their rules. Try telling people that Jesus died poor for you to live rich and they will threaten you with hell.

Truth 4: Jesus cares for the poor and the hungry.
When Jesus faced a multitude of people who were hungry, he had compassion on them. He multiplied the little bread and fish from a boy and threw a party for thousands of people. At the end there were 12 baskets of leftover food. Jesus did not just give them enough to eat. He gave them so much food that they ate until they cannot eat anymore.

This is the heart of Jesus. He will never tell you that it is alright to be hungry. God can still use the hungry. He is not so spiritual that he tells you it is alright to be hungry as long as you have the right doctrine. He cares for your necessity like money to pay for your food, transport, children education and other needs.

Truth 5: Jesus died to pay for the penalty of our sins.
Religious churches only have one solution for sins – don’t sin. In their mind, if they threaten their members long enough and instill their hearts with fear, one day they will live holy lives. That is not Jesus’ way. He knows that we can never overcome the sin in us. He came to save us. He loves us so much that he was willing to go through any sufferings and pay any price to set us free.
Now that we are free, we do not have to live under oppression, threats and blackmails anymore.

The above are not exhaustive. There are more truths about Jesus but I have to end somewhere. The conclusion is, the behavior of Jesus tells us the nature of God.


One Response to “Whatever The Father Does, The Son Also Does”

  1. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    The richest men in the world relied on principles that are inferior than ours. Yet they attained more wealth than us. This should be a lesson for us. How can others used watered down Bible principles and be successful while we who have access to better versions cannot? We should wake up and start to use what our God has blessed us with instead of wasting time in theology and religion. It is time for us to take the Bible seriously.

    I became a “real” christian after I realize that God is not the pervert I thought he was. He cares for me, desires to help me and provides for my every need. It is more than financial.

    I am a christian and that cannot be changed. I made the decision many years ago. I am saved and my place in heaven is secure. I don’t have to continuously decide whether I want to be a christian and have a reason to do so. Your question on why I want to be a christian is irrelevant.

    I am grateful for Jesus because he died for my sins. But that does not mean I can only dwell on it and do nothing. I am moving forward. Having a lot of money is just a part of my forward movement. All things being equal, more money is better than lesser money.

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