No Working On Sabbath

10 so the Jewish leaders objected. They said to the man who was cured, “You can’t work on the Sabbath! The law doesn’t allow you to carry that sleeping mat!”
John 5:10 (NLT)

This article continues with the story yesterday. Jesus healed the sick man. So this guy stood up, picked up his mat and walked away. Unfortunately it happened on Sabbath. According to the religious laws set up by their equivalent of church, there should be no work on Sabbath and carrying a mat is considered as work. The healed man broke the law.

Welcome to religion. This story tells us the nature of religious people. Who are they? In those times, they were known as Pharisees. Today’s equivalents are pastors, priests, preachers and theologians. In my view, the best equivalent for Pharisees should be theologians. They behave and think the same.

Look at the story. The Pharisees were not interested on the fact that a man who had been ill for thirty eight years had been healed. Their only concern was he carried a mat on Sabbath. According to their laws, carrying mats were considered as work and it should not be done in Sabbath. Who created Sabbath in the first place? God did. What was Sabbath for? God wants us to relax and take things easy for one day out of seven. It was meant to be good. Yet, the Pharisees turned it into a burden and persecute those who defied their laws. At that time, I am sure Sabbath was something to be dreaded and not the day many will look forward to.

In the same way, today we have theologians turning the positive Word Of God into something negative. God had been transformed from a loving father into a strict slave master who insists all his laws to be obeyed to the dot. They don’t care how sick you are or how much you are suffering as long as you don’t break their religious rules. Try telling them that you have been sick and you got healed because you believe Jesus took all your sickness at the Cross. They will treat you like a heretic.

They will tell you, “We do not mind you getting heal but don’t you dare to say Jesus took all your disease at the Cross!”

You can see a lot of examples from the comments in this blog. If you have been reading this blog for the past few days, you will see that the second wave of attack from Satan has been intensifying. Right now, I suspect there are 2 guys writing bad things about me in their blogs. The good news is they are generating traffic for me and this will result in more people getting to know the true Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

As for me, I am not going to honor them with my presence to their blogs. These religious drones dropped their comments and if they were not outright rude, I entertained them a bit with my reply. If you have read my reply, you will notice that I made no attempt to explain the Gospel to them. I just played along making fun of their theology. For example, when one of them told me that God has no interest in our financial welfare, I agreed with him and added that God is only interested in extorting us for money. Pay up or he will send you to hell.

Here is something I want to highlight. I mentioned in some of my replies that I want to be rich to help the poor. Guess how they responded. They told me God can also use the poor and it is degrading to God that he needs my money. Do you think they really care about the poor and the suffering? No, their agenda is only to convince me not to trust God for prosperity. The truth that many people are suffering from the lack of food, water and basic medical is not a concern to these religious folks. All they care is, sometimes God wants us to be poor. It does not matter if you are poor because God can still use you. Just don’t around telling people that Jesus died poor for them to live rich!

This is what the truth about religion. They care about their theology more than the suffering people in the world.

Now that we have seen the evil side of the Christian Religion, let me present the positive side. Most of them, except the brain damaged ones do not reject health and wealth. However you need to play by their rules if you want to be accepted by them.

If you tell them that you were sick, you went to the doctor, took the medicine and got well, it is fine. They have no problem with that. However, if you are to tell them that you read in the Bible that Jesus took all your disease at the Cross, you believed in it and got healed, they will declare a jihad on you. How can you be so deluded by the prosperity gospel? The idea that Jesus took all our disease at the Cross is invented by those heretic prosperity preachers. You better come with us so that we can cast out the demon in you.

In the same way, if you tell them that you worked hard and got rich, they are fine with it. However if you tell them that you got rich because Jesus died poor for you to live rich, brace for the storm. They will tell you that you have been lied to by the prosperity preachers. You have been corrupted and you got greedy. If you don’t repent, they may even ex-communicate you.

These are the examples on how corrupt religion can be. If you are really committed to live according to the will of God for in being healthy, wealthy and successful, you need to treat religion like a plague.


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