Jesus Came To Save

17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17 (NLT)

The above verse comes from John 3:17. The preceding verse John 3:16 is so famous that even religious churches used them as marketing gimmick to lure non believers into their religion. However, they must be very cautious of John 3:17 because it clearly defines Jesus’ intention when he came to earth. Jesus came to save and not to judge.

Religious people are afraid of this verse because it contradicts the foundation of their religious doctrines, which is based on the fear of judgment. All their religious doctrines can be summarized into the following:

“Jesus came to save us. Therefore, we must obey everything he says (which consists of all the religious doctrines and traditions that the church invented) or face Judgment.”

In short, religious doctrines are based on threats of condemnations and emotional blackmails to get their people to obey everything they said. Thus, they give the impression to the world that Jesus came to judge the world instead of saving it. Yet John 3:17 tells us otherwise.

The truth is God sent Jesus here to save us. It had never been his intention to judge us. His desire is to help us to overcome every adverse situation and challenge in our lives. He loves us so much that nothing delights him more than seeing us living in total victory.

How I wish I knew of this truth when I first became a Christian. Unfortunately, I happened to be in a religious church. So, I was deceived into thinking that the love of God is only a marketing gimmick to lure non believers to become believers. After they became believers in the church, their only responsibility is to do everything the church leaders tell them, in particular participating in missions and giving money to the church.

It took me quite some time to realize that what they have taught me in this church is nothing more than lies from the pit of hell. God’s love for us had never been intended to be a marketing gimmick. It is real. God loves us so intensely that he was even willing to sacrifice his only begotten Son to pay for all our sins. The presence of Jesus at the Cross has convinced us once for all that God’s intention is always to save and not to judge.

How can we benefit from this? We made mistakes. No matter how many mistakes we have made or how big our sins were, God’s priority in our lives will always to save us. He is the solution to our sins. The bigger your sins are, the more often you should seek him. When you do, God will not judge you. He will help you. The Cross of Calvary has proven to us that our God’s intention is to save and not to judge.

In contrast, religious people like to make us feel so ashamed of our mistakes and sins that we no longer feel worthy to go to the presence of God. As a result, we will stay away from God and not ask him for help. This increases our vulnerability to the devil’s temptations and oppressions. We will end up falling deeper and deeper into sin. Therefore, being religious will only cause us to sink deeper into sin. The claims of religious people that they are fighting sin is nothing more that self-delusion. They are deceiving themselves.

In conclusion, we must always remember that our God is always on our side. God is the best source for all our answers. It does not matter to him how bad our past is, how many mistakes we have made or how serious our sins were. God’s intention is not to judge us. His desire is to help us to live the life he wants. His greatest wish is for us to prosper and be in health as our souls prosper.


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