Our Blessings Come From The Abundance Of God

16 From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.
John 1:16 (NLT)

Let me start this article with a declaration. God is extremely rich. He has great abundance in every riches we can think of. On earth, we place high value in gold such that we store them in safes. However, in heaven, gold is nothing more than the materials used to make roads. In short, the riches of God is far beyond what we can dream of.

The above verse tells us that the blessings we receive from God are from the abundance of God. This means there is also no limit on how rich we can be. What does that mean? Here is an example. Based on the latest ranking, Warren Buffet is now the richest man in the world with net worth estimated to be US$62 billion. I am sure this number looks big to all of us but in the eyes of God, this amount is totally insignificant. He has much more than that.

Let us look from another perspective. The roads in heaven are made of gold. As I am writing now, the price of gold is US$862.52 per ounce. If the entire net worth of Warren Buffet is converted to gold, he will have 71,882,391ounces of gold. If we convert to metric system, that will be 2,235,792,285 grams of gold. If he is to use his entire net worth to build a golden road with the width of 2 meters and the depth of 100 millimeters, guess how long will the road be? Answer: 0.579 kilometers or 0.36 miles. Can you imagine a city with a road that short? Don’t you think that the total length of roads in heaven to be more than that? The richest man in this world can only afford to build 0.36 miles of road in heaven. I am putting these numbers up to show you that our God is far richer than even the richest man in this world and our blessings are based on his wealth.

What does this mean to us? We should never limit God. No matter how difficult or impossible our situation has become, our God is more than able to solve them. This gives us the confidence to live life to the fullest.

If you are facing a serious financial problem right now, the wisest thing to do is to the turn to the richest person in the universe, God. No Matter how much money you need or want, he can afford to give them to you. Even if you are under US$62 billions of dollars in debt, God can afford to deliver you out of it. After all, it is only 0.36 miles of road for him. He is both willing and able to bless us beyond our wildest dreams.

As I have mentioned in my previous article, God wants to fill our barns with grain. The amount of grains we will receive from his is totally dependent on the size of our barns. The bigger our barns are, the more grains we will receive. Therefore, the limits to our prosperity are not from God. He has guaranteed our prosperity through his Word. Jesus died poor for us to live rich. The limits to our prosperity come from within us. Are we willing to believe in the integrity of God? Are we willing to build up our faith? Are we willing to commit our time to read the Bible and to listen to faith messages? Are we willing to expand our barns in order to receive more grains?

In short, we have to take personal responsibilities for our prosperity. As far as God is concern, he has decreed that he has blessed us from his abundance. He has done his part in blessing us. It is up to us now to receive by faith. How rich do you want to be? The question here is not on, “Will God make me as rich as I want to be?” but on “Am I willing to do what it takes to receive the unlimited prosperity God wants me to have?”.


One Response to “Our Blessings Come From The Abundance Of God”

  1. martin Says:

    Change my situation,and full fill everything my heart desires lord all mighty. Your my strength my soul mate my everything in everyday life!

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