Wisdom Is More Important Than Gold

10 Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold.
11 For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it.
Proverbs 8:10-11 (NLT)

What will your choice be, if you were in a situation where you can choose to have either a lot of money or wisdom? I suspect a lot of people in this world will go for the money. Why? The can see the money but they cannot see wisdom. So it is natural for them to go for the obvious. Those under the bondage of religion will say they want wisdom because their religious doctrines told them that having money is evil. They are to glorify God and according to their religion, God is glorified when Christians are poor and sick. So, religious people will choose to have wisdom because they think being wise is the same as being poor and sick.

Both sides are wrong. When God tells us to value wisdom more than gold and silver, he is not comparing good and evil. He is comparing two good things. Wisdom covers every area of riches including material riches.

18 I have riches and honor, as well as enduring wealth and justice.
Proverbs 8:18 (NLT)

So, when you have wisdom, you will have riches, which include a lot of money. In fact, wisdom is the foundation of riches. They were people who had a lot of money but no wisdom. As a result, they ended up being harmed by their money. They had lost all their money, got into drugs, addicted to gambling, being infected with sexually transmitted diseases or imprisoned for fraud.

Religious people will capitalize on this and propagate the lie that riches are evil. According to their religious doctrines, God wants us to be poor because riches will harm us. If they are right, heaven must be very poor. Jesus should not have promised mansions in heaven to his disciples when he spent the last night with them. Jesus should have promised them mud huts in heaven. The roads in heavens should not be made from gold. They should be made from sand.

It is clear now that God wants us Christians to be rich on earth and in heaven. However he does not want us to be harmed by riches. This is why he wants us to have the wisdom to manage our riches. It does not matter if you are very poor right now. As long as you have the wisdom of God you are in position to receive abundant riches.

Riches by themselves are neutral. They are neither good nor evil. It depends on who is controlling them. Riches in the hands of the foolish will only cause harm but when they are in the hands of the wise, they will bring good to the people. Riches in the hands of the wise will result in lesser people dying of starvation, more people getting to hear the Gospel, more poor people having access to basic medical care, clean water, sanitation, education and all the assistance they need to overcome their poverty. One of the reasons our God wants us rich is because he has compassion for the poor and suffering people in the world. He wants to give us abundant riches because he can trust us to manage them and to channel them to help the poor and the suffering. He can trust us because we have his wisdom.

If you want to be rich, start by learning the wisdom of God. The book of Proverbs is about the wisdom of God. There are 31 chapters in it, which coincides with 31 days in a month. You can start by reading one chapter a day by aligning the chapter and the date. For example, read Chapter 1 on the first every month, Chapter 2 on the second every month and so on. In this way, you are daily exposed to the wisdom of God.

Please note that wisdom is more than just acquiring and managing a lot of money. It covers every area of our lives. It tells us about faithfulness, success, relationships, health, long life and many things that we care about. No matter what your needs and desires are, you need wisdom to achieve them. Start picking up your Bible and turn to Proverbs.


3 Responses to “Wisdom Is More Important Than Gold”

  1. auman Says:

    Wow!nice, i’m so blessed..good

  2. Joemel Cajolo Says:

    thanks for the thought, it really helped me…i’m glad that someone has posted it..thanks a lot

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