The Children Of The Godly Are A Blessing

26 The godly always give generous loans to others, and their children are a blessing.
Psalm 37:26 (NLT)

Welcome to the 14th installment on my study of Psalm 37. There are 2 parts in the above verse. The first part says the godly always give generous loans to others and the second part says the children of the godly are blessing.

Let us start with the first part. God wants us to have the habit to always give out generous loans. There are two conditions that need to be fulfilled before we can consistently give out generous loans.
1. We must have generous hearts.
2. We must have a lot of money.

Why do we need generous hearts? When God says generous loans, he is not referring to commercial loans. He is not referring to us lending out money to earn interest. The loan mentioned here is about lending money to the poor. Those who need money to sustain their business or trade. Why didn’t I say lending to those who are hungry or need money to seek medical treatment? Those under the above category will be under the term “giving” and not “lending”.

Why is that so? When we give, we do not expect the people we give to return our money. We look to God for our rewards. However when we lend or give loans to others, we expect the return of our capital either with lower or no interest. We want the money back so that we can reuse them into giving out new loans.

Both giving and lending serve complimentary purpose. It is silly to lend to starving families to buy food. They can’t possibly pay you back. You might as well give to them. So, we give to those whom we do not think have the capability to pay us back. However, it will be wiser to lend to those who have the ability to prosper because they have the ability to return the money. Once the money is returned, we can give out new loans. This way, we can help more people with the same amount of money. Lending is suitable for economic activities.

Here is an example. We may give loans to farmers to buy seeds and fertilizers to work on their farms. Once they reap their harvest, they can return the money and we can use them to lend to other farmers. This way, we can help more farmers to increase their income. This is what God means by giving generous loans.

The second condition for giving out generous loans is we must be rich. The poor cannot lend to the poor. If you are really serious about obeying God and to do his will, you must be determined to be rich. Satan knows that and he has used his army of religious people to persecute us for wanting to be rich. Satan was hoping that the persecution from his religious people would cause us to stop trusting God for our riches so that we will not have the resources to do the will of God. It is useless for us just to have the desire to help the poor but we do not have the money to do so. Therefore it is important for us to settle in our hearts that it is the will of our God for us to be rich.

The second part of Psalm 37:26 tells us our children are a blessing. Our determination to trust in God will have positive effect on our children. As they grow up in the environment of faith, they will learn to trust God for their prosperity. They will be a blessing to the people around them.

One example I can think of is Joel Osteen, the son of John Osteen. John Osteen started the Lakewood Church from an abandoned feed store in northeast Houston. Soon his ministry developed to the level that touched the lives of millions of people in more than 100 countries. After his death, Joel took over the leadership of the church and membership increased by five-fold with weekly attendance exceeded 40,000. Joel’s television ministry has expanded into over 200 million households in United States alone. The cost of the television ministry alone is about US$30 million every year.

I came across his sermons in Youtube and I was deeply impressed by the quality of his messages. You can even see the link to his ministry from this blog. I have also been listening to his podcasts. One day I will visit his church. Needless to say, Satan has used his religious people to spread lies and slanders on him.

The question, how did Joel Osteen become so successful? I suspect one of the reason is he has an unfair advantage compared to most of us. He grew up in the family of John Osteen. He grew up in a faith environment. His intake of the Word Of God must be many times more than most people. As a result, he has become such a great blessing to so many people.

Our faith will not only bring success in our lives but will also impact the lives of our children. If you want your children to be another Joel Osteen, you will have to create a faith environment in your family.

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