You Will Live In Peace And Prosperity

10 Soon the wicked will disappear. Though you look for them, they will be gone.
11 The lowly will possess the land and will live in peace and prosperity.
Psalm 37:10-11 (NLT)

Welcome to the sixth installment on my study of Psalm 37. I like the word “soon” in Psalm 37:10. Soon the wicked will disappear. This means whatever oppression you are suffering or injustice you can see right now, they will not last. Soon, they will cease to exist. The second part of Psalm 37:10 tells us that even if we choose to waste time looking for them, we will fail because they will be gone permanently. The wicked people will soon be gone forever. This is good news.

Sometimes you may see yourself as a lowly person especially in comparison with the power and riches of the wicked people but Psalm 37:11 tells us that the lowly will possess the land and will live in peace and prosperity.

You may be living in a “lowly” condition right now. You may be poor or sick. You cannot see any good things going on in your life. No matter which direction you turn to, you can only see failures and disappointments. You have been trying to believe in God and trusted in him to give you success and prosperity. Yet, you couldn’t see any positive changes in your situation. Your faith has caused you to be mocked and ridiculed by the wicked people who have been making fun of you for believing in the “Prosperity Gospel”.

If you happened to fit the above description, God is telling you now not to give up. Soon, those wicked people will completely disappear from your life and the barrier that has been hindering you will be broken. When the Israelites left Egypt and reached the Red Sea, they had a barrier of the Red Sea in front of them and the army of Pharaoh behind them. In the natural, they were trapped and they had no place to go. Yet God had opened up the Red Sea for them to pass through. When the army of Pharaoh passed through the same path, they were drowned. The Red Sea that seemed to be a barrier to the Israelites turned out to be a path for their freedom and a means to get rid of their enemies permanently.

If God can do that for them, he can do the same for us. The barrier that is hindering you right now can turn out to be a path toward your peace and prosperity as well as a weapon to make the wicked people disappear from your life forever. As long as you don’t give up your faith, you will possess the land. You will live in peace and prosperity. When you are in peace, you are free from anxieties, depression, stress and sorrow. All your days will be full of joy. When you are prosperous, you will have so much riches that not only are you able to afford living the lifestyle you want but you will be in position to bless others.

This is the life God wants us to live in.


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