The Godly Have Deep Roots

3 Wickedness never brings stability, but the godly have deep roots.
Proverbs 12:3(NLT)

The first part of the above verse says wickedness never brings stability. This is because the root of wickedness is greed and self-centeredness at the expense of others. Wicked people are only concerned of their own interest and they will not hesitate to sacrifice others around them. While both the godly and wicked have desires for more riches, their riches will yield opposite types of fruits. Riches in the hands of godly people will result in lesser people dying of hunger, lesser children being sold as prostitutes, more children getting education, the Gospel Of Jesus Christ becoming more accessible to the world and other works that God desires. In contrast, riches in the hands of the wicked will result in more oppression to the world. Therefore, it is the will of God for the godly to be rich and the wicked to be poor.

Why does wickedness never bring stability? The reason is because wicked people used destructive methods to gain their riches and power. Here is an example. When a wicked man starts a drug trade, he will get people addicted in order to get them to be his customers and buy his drugs. His customers will keep buying drugs from him, thus making him rich. At the same time, as the addiction got deeper, they will spend more and more until the amount they spend will exceed the amount they earn. They will dip into their savings. Soon their savings will be gone. At the same time, their health and concentration will be adversely affected. They cannot work as efficiently as before. They might lose their jobs. When these people have no job and no money, they will resort to crimes in order to feed their addiction. This brings instability to the society. The more successful the wicked man’s drug trade, the worse the society will be. Thus, wickedness never brings stability.

This is the reason I thank God for Singapore’s tough stand on drug trade. We have death penalty for those caught with drugs exceeding specific amounts. So, if there are drug dealers planning to do your business here to harm us, I dare you to come over. I can assure you of the reception we have prepared for you, ropes around your necks.

In contrast, the godly always create stability around them. When a godly man works for his riches, he uses constructive ways that will not only enrich himself but also brings progress and stability to his society. For example, he may want to make affordable shoes. In doing so, he creates jobs for many people. There will be more people employed and have the ability to provide for their families. The more shoes he made, the supply of shoes in the market will increase. The price of shoes will drop, making them more affordable to the masses. His customers will benefit because they can buy shoes with lesser money and save or allocate the rest to other needs. So, the society will benefit in terms of employment opportunities and cheaper shoes. This is why it is important for the godly people to be rich.

The richer the godly people are, the better the society will become especially in the area of employment as well as in better quality and cost efficient products and services. Not only that, when the godly have more money, these money will be sown to provide aids to help the poor. I find it strange that the Roman Catholic Church classifies being rich as a sin. Do they think that it is sin to create more jobs and provide cheaper products?

Maybe I should not be surprised because after all it is a religion. It is not unexpected for religions to behave like religions.

The second part of Proverbs 12:3 says the godly have deep roots. Roots are a part of a tree. Trees need roots to keep it in position against its own weight and to withstand storms. The bigger and taller the tree is, the deeper the roots are. A tree that grows big without deepening its roots will not last long.

Likewise for us believers in Jesus Christ, we need to deepen our roots if we want to grow big. If you want to have lot of money or be in a position of great power, you need deep roots to support you. Otherwise, your money and power may crush you. How shall we deepen our roots? We need to spend time with God. He is the source of our prosperity. He will not only give us great prosperity but he will also give us the wisdom to manage it well so that our prosperity will only benefit and not harm us. Start making it a habit to listen to faith messages, to pray, to confess the words of God and to read the Bible. The deeper your roots are, the more prosperous you are, the better the world will be.


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