How To Make God Your Debtor

If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD–and he will repay you!
Proverbs 19:17(NLT)

Do you find the title of this article a little offensive? I am sure you will if you are religious. However if you have been reading my blog you will find that my points were based on the Scriptures. The above verse tells us that helping the poor is the equivalent of lending to the Lord. God owes me money each time I help the poor and he promised to repay me.

What does this mean to you? As for me this is another opportunity for prosperity. Think about it. Who sets the interest rate for the loans? The creditor does. So, by giving to the poor I am not getting poorer, I am getting richer because God has promised to repay me and as the creditor I have the right to charge high interests.

Put yourself in the shoes of a bank. When a depositor deposits money into the bank, the money become your liability because you are obliged to pay interests to the depositor regardless of the profits you make. So even if the bank does not make any profit, the depositors still have the right to demand interest from you.

However, the situation is different for the debtors. When people borrow money from the bank. They become the bank’s assets because they are obliged to pay interests to it. The bank has the right to demand its money plus full interest from its debtors when the repayment time is due regardless of whether the debtors like it or not. If they fail to pay within the given timeline, the bank will have the right to seize their assets.

Knowing this, don’t you think God is putting himself in a disadvantaged position? All I need to do is to help some poor people and I have the right to demand repayment of my capital plus interest from him. If he does not pay, I will have the right to seize his kingdom.

I do not believe at all that my God is a fool. Therefore the only conclusion is he must be very rich and has the resources to give me any amount I ask for.

I see an opportunity to be rich. Help the poor. Don’t you feel encouraged to do the same? So, whenever you see appeals from charity organisations for money to help the poor, you should not feel like you are being fleeced. You should see this as an opportunity to be richer.

In case someone might ask why would God make such a promise, my answer is I don’t know. I don’t have a clue. All I know is I can take advantage on this. In fact this is what I am trained to do. I was trained as an engineer. A scientist’s role is to discover knowledge. An engineer’s role is to apply the knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

I consider myself fulfilling the same role in my life. I want to apply the Bible truths that I have learn and use it to create prosperity in my life. Have you ever wonder why am I sharing this with you? The answer is, I am sowing seeds. By sharing all my knowledge and applications with you, I am sowing prosperity into your lives. According to God’s Law Of Sowing And Reaping, I am entitled for a harvest of prosperity.

Therefore, I am appealing to all of you who are reading this. Don’t just read the articles. Apply the principles to bring prosperity into your lives. My harvest depends on that.


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